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April 2015. Early in April the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Armenia announced achildren’s painting competition on the themes about Turkmenistan. The competition was attended by forty-six children who are studying in the studios of painting of the National Center of Aesthetics. Among the selected works is the work of a seven-year old Yura Ghulyan, aparticipant of ZinvoriMair "Art-therapy" project who was given a Certificateof Appreciation and a memorable gift. The works of all the children were publishedin a separate catalogue and gifted to the participants.
Our heartily congratulations to Yura on his first international award.


April 2015. Art lessons to children of servicemen. "Art-therapy" project.


8 March 2015.

January-March 2015. Art lessons to children of servicemen beginning to yield results. With faculty of Applied Arts cooperate psychologists volunteers.


11 October 2014. "Law School" project presentation in Chambarak, Armenia.


On 17 June 2014, completed a series of seminars law school, then opened a resource centers in 4 regions of Armenia and 4 - in Yerevan.


On 14 September 2013, a Public Council session adjunct to the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia took place at the Administrative building of the Ministry of Defence. Minister of Defence Seyran Ohanyan chaired the session. The meeting was attended by Deputy Ministers of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, high-ranking military personnel, as well as by Heads of Departments.
The session reviewed the results of the Public Council activities during the last year, as well as the activities carried out by the committee to examine applications and appeals presented by civilians during the 2013 Spring conscription,set up on orders of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, under the supervision of the Public Council. The session was concluded by a speech from the Minister of Defence, in which he emphasised the importance of the works accomplished by the Public Council, as well as of the activities of the conscription committee.


On April 25, 2013 on the initiative of the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs parliamentary hearings on the theme "The Problems of Legislative and Legal-Applied Practice of Alternative Service" were held, where NA deputies, representatives of state bodies and NGOs were taking part.

The Chairwoman of the NGO "Soldier’s Mother" Anahit Hovnanyan touched upon the activity of their organization aimed at the settlement of the problem.

The speakers also answered the questions of the participants of the hearings. Summing up the parliamentary hearings the Committee Chairman thanked those present for the active debates and assured that the recommendations on the draft laws sounded during the debate of the package of bills in the second reading would be taken into consideration.

The meeting in Sisian region was held at August 29, 2012 as a final activity of the first phase of program "Soldiers Mothers meeting". Participants discussed about conflict resolutions possibilities. The meeting participants were soldiers' parents, members of international organizations, volunteers. Participants discussed about situation on our region.


The meeting of soldiers' parents, who called up from border communities of Chambarak region was held at August 22, 2012 as a part of the program "Soldiers Mothers meeting". Participants discussed about conflict resolutions possibilities.


A seminar on the principles of tolerance held in Stepanavan on 8th of June, 2012. The seminar was conducted by the chairman of "Zinvori Mair" (Soldiers’ Mothers) organization Anahit Hovnanyan and participant of the project Nelly Minasyan. At this time, the workshop participants were the soldiers` mothers from Stepanavan and nearest communities. They have attentively listened to a lecture on a tolerance education, participated in thematic games, and have discussed about the situation and further co-existence in the region.


A competition "An open letter to my fellow, who lives in South Caucasus" was held as a part of the program, implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Armenia. An Open lesson on tolerance with the winners of the competition was held on 29th of May, 2012 in Sardarapat Memorial (Armavir Marz). The children listened information about the details of the Heroic May battles, put flowers at the Monument. Directly in the Memorial, near the entrance of the museum students were discussing the possibility of manifestation of tolerance in post-conflict situations. The lesson was led by the historian Ruben Saroyan.


As a part of the "Armenian and Azerbajanian Soldiers’ Mothers meeting" program a seminar on the principles of tolerance held in Dilijan on 18th of May, 2012. The seminar was conducted by the chairman of "Zinvori Mair" (Soldiers’ Mothers) organization Anahit Hovnanyan and participant of the seminar on the same program held in Tbilisi Nelly Minasyan. At this time, the workshop participants were the students and teachers of Dilijan State Medical College. They have attentively listened to a lecture on a tolerance education, participated in thematic games, and then expressed their thoughts about the situation in the region and further co-existence with neighbors.


On 26th of March 2012, the students of preparatory faculty acting at the organization "Zinvory Mair" NGO were assigned to write an open letter to their fellows from neighbor countries. Our students liked the initiative. The letters were very various. Now we present some quote from those letters.


... I am adult and I realize that we can't reach anything with harbor. We have to be tolerant, understanding each other and try to judge fairly and forget the past. It would be difficult, but I think that we are not guilty for past mistakes. I offer to forget the past and live for future ...
Astghik Dallakyan

... I wish the perfect peace for our countries, it is possible if the people of both countries are tolerant and forgiving. It is the only priority leading us to peace. The border of tolerance and forgiveness begins where the human rights, counrty's and nations' interests are trampled ...
Julietta Ananyan

... Tolerance and forgivness today are distorted values and mostly considered as a weakness. That's why national internal agreement, mutual respect, generosity and love have given way to blind criticism, hatred, unwillingness and selfishness ...
Avagyan Gohar

... Today civil society tries to solve problems by dialog and tolerance and we are not exception. Our authorities have made first steps towards, but I think for full result our nations have to become closer and try to understand each other with tolerance. An anger we feel now was born with us, but it could be put aside and go on with tolerance. The days when armenians and turkish were in a common country, worked together, and during massacre and genocide there were not few among turkish who helped armenians to be saved from that tragedy, which organized turkish authorities. It is necessary to eradicate an anger from our nations and go on with mutual understanding and agreement. Does not need to talk that tolerance will save a world ...
Arevik Hakobyan

... Calmness, tolerance are qualities of strong human. My lovely friend, today I have free, independent, nice wonderland - Armenia, my motherland, where armenians live peaceful and wealthy. Visit Armenia and you will see only tolerance and respect, which help to live calmly. I pray to God: "My God, punish the enemy, who washed his hands by our newborns' blood for many years. Forgiving God, bless your people and my nation" ...
Kiss You, Sona

... Today tolerance is not much accepted in the world. It is a great problem. I think, if there is tolerance between nations we'll not see massacre, wars and murders ...

Sahakyan Greta

... Stay with kindness, live in peace, defend your land as a holiness and remember that humans have to be tolerant inspire of nationality ...
Poghosyan Siranush

"A lesson of tolerance" - lesson-tour for students of the preparatory department acting at the organization "Zinvory Mair" NGO will be kept at the Museum of Russian Art On 1st of March 2012. Commonality and difference of cultures, values of different ages and nations, ability to keep tolerance with unfamiliar – these were the main topics of "A lesson of tolerance".


An International meeting of Armenian and Azerbaidjanian soldiers’ mothers was held in Tbilisi, on December 9-11, 2011. The meeting was organized by "Zinvory Mair" NGO in a project funded by the US Embassy in Armenia. From the azerbaidjanian side the organizer was "El-Center" organization. Soldiers’ fathers and mothers from both countries met in Tbilisi to discuss issues of tolerant coexistence in the region. Before the Tbilisi meeting participants from both countries trained and acquired tolerance and interpersonal communication knowledge and skills. The training was held in conference hall of "Sympathy" hotel in Tbilisi, where the participants lived. The training conducted by an expert of Armenia RC Anahit Hovnanyan and trainer Arshavir Ghukasyan. Topical and role-played games were used during the training. A review of videos on tolerance was held as well.
A bilateral Memorandum on the principles of tolerant coexistence in the region was signed on December11.


The re-elections of the Armenian Republican non-governmental organization of soldier's mother "Zinvori Mair" chairman held on general meeting of the organization on 22 November 2011. Anahit Hovnanyan, the member of organizations’ presidium and projects’ coordinator, was elected as the new chairman. Also pre-resume of 2011 and projects for upcoming period were summarized at the meeting. 3 large projects to protect the conscripts and soldiers’ rights, as well to realization civil control in the army were carried out during last year. The young volunteer-enthusiasts who regularly fulfill the organization will work in upcoming projects.

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