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"ART THERAPY" - Inclusive Education Program

Since January 2015, with Fund for Armenian Relief support, Armenian "Soldier's Mother" NGO has launched a new educational program, in which children with physical needs who are living and growing up in the families of soldiers, will be able to get free education in reputable art studios and workshops in Yerevan. The purpose of the project is that the children will be afforded with a good opportunity to communicate with their peers, as well as take an active participation in the public life of the city. The society has been able to encompass the families of soldiers with care and assistance, which need support and help.
The "Zinvori Mair" organization is working with the National Center for Aesthetics and within this project the center is attended by 30 children. All the 30 children of the program "Art therapy" have a variety of physical issues, for example - autism, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, issues with hearing, vision, etc. Much attention is paid to the children whose parents are in the service of the armed forces of Armenia, or where two of the children have a disability or health issues. So far, the organization can afford to include a child who live in Yerevan or neighboring regions within the project, but the number of such children is getting more and more.
At the beginning of the project the organization provided the children with the necessary materials - bags, gouache, paper, markers, scissors, threads, embroidery frames and so on. The children are instructed by experienced teachers and psychiatrists with extensive experience of similar work with sick children - volunteers Gerasimos Harutyunyan and Christina Harutyunyan. They in practice apply the latest working methods to every child. The lessons of clay activity are conducted in workshops by Gevorg Tadevosyan, Sona Banoyan, lessons of painting by Gayane Vardanyan, Satik Kandayan, the lessons of handicraft by Gohar Mirzoyan, Gayane Mikaelian, vocal lessons by Armine Mirzakhanian, lessons of origami and handicraft by Mher Hrumshyan. Coordinator of the program is the leading of the Centre - Emma Asatryan. Each lesson takes place in accordance with the characteristics of each age group and each child.
Periodic exhibitions are also organized within this project, where the works made by the children during lessons are demonstrated. Some works are already ready for final exhibition which include paintings and clay sculptures which will be displayed during the general show. Early in April the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Armenia announced children’s painting competition on the themes about Turkmenistan. Among the selected works is the work of a seven-year old Yura Ghulyan, a participant of Zinvori Mair NGO "Art-therapy" project who was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation and a memorable gift.

Project Report 2014, from January to October

Armenian "Soldier's Mother" NGO years engaged in the legal and educational activities, implementing programs aimed at raising the awareness of the population and information military law principles, fundamental rights and legal education.
In 2014 launched the "legal establishment of schools in the regions" project, which aims was in 4 districts, as well as Lori, Gegharkunik, Aragatsotn and Armavir legal establishment of schools where the local population should receive legal advice and education Support to military law, induction, recruits the medical examination, military service and other issues.
In 2014 January-March in the regions were passed interview and were elected representatives of the schools for organize the activities. In March and May, the organization took part in the two-three day seminar, in which were acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to manage school and counseling and educational activities for implementation. The seminars are conducted by high-ranking military officers and specialists and doctors, lawyers and experts who deal with the public. Arrangements were made to the region local government leaders for allocated free space for schools.
Get the necessary knowledge and relevant methodological literature, selected participants began their activities in schools to strengthen the organization's website and local media perpetrated through various promotional activities, resulting in the observed population of active stream to the schools.


In 2014 June to October, the legal schools visited by over 620 visitors, 5 workshops were. In Chambarak and Stepanakert schools organized the presentation of the film "The law in the language of puppets and children" staging, where the heroes tales of modern legal answers and explanations given to the audience. The performance was mixed with the national song and dance.
The program established and fully operational in 4 centers at the Arabkir (Melsida Hovnanyan), Center (Nelly Minasyan), Nor Nork (Laura Khanamiryan) and Avan (Astxik Sahakian) communities, 4 school - centers in Armavir (Armavir - Anahit Dallaqyan ), Aragatsotn (Saghmosavan - Tatevik Avagian), Gegharkunik (Tchambarak - Eleanora Petrosyan) and in Lori (Stepanavan - Louisa Papikyan) regions.


Since 1994 up to this day at the organization is functioning the free preparatory faculty for receipt in high school in all subjects for children of lost and wounded military men, bilateral orphans, and also for children-refugees. Similar courses were functioning also in Stepanakert in 2001-2007. For all period of functioning 710 students finished the faculty. 420 already finished different universities and received diplomas. There teach high quality teachers in faculty. Faculty works with financial support of Armenian Charitable Foundation.


2011-2012. For more than 10 years spreading the principles of tolerance is one of the priorities for "Zinvory Mayr" NGO. It was expressed in many programs. And it is naturally that "Soldiers' mothers meeting" program implementing by support of the USA Embassy in Armenia is entirely devoted to tolerance.


In December 2011 in Tbilisi held the meeting with the azerbajanian soldiers’ parents. By the way, azerbajanian organization El-Center few times collaborated with our organization in the similar programs. Plans for further cooperation were made during a Tbilisi meeting. Following that plans "Zinvory Mayr" NGO started teaching tolerance among youth. To implement paragraphs of Memorandum signed in Tbilisi activities are being taken. There in particular is said:"… determined to do what is necessary to establish the ideals of tolerance in Armenian and Azerbajanian societies, because tolerance is not only the most important principle but also a necessary condition for peace and social-economic development for all peoples. - pledge to promote tolerance and nonviolence, using the programs and institutions in educational, scientific, cultural and communicational spheres."


Quality of Medical Care in the Military Forces

2012. According to the agreement on cooperation in the field of civilian control over the military forces of Armenia between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia and OSCE Yerevan Office by financial support of OSCE and by the non-governmental organizations’ forces in the period from 1 July to 30 September 2012 was implemented monitoring project "Quality of Medical Care in the Military Forces". The aim of the project was to study the quality of medical care in the military forces through free surveys and interviews, revealing practice in military units, military schools, training centers and military hospitals in determining the state of health, diagnosis and treatment of military personnel.

2006 - 2012

2012. According to the agreement on cooperation in the field of civilian control over the military forces of Armenia between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia and OSCE Yerevan Office by financial support of OSCE and by the non-governmental organization’s forces in the period from 1 July to 30 September 2012 was implemented monitoring project "Quality of Medical Care in the Military Forces.

2011. With the support of USA Embassy in Armenia the program "Tolerance" has been implemented..


2011. With financial support of OSCE Yerevan office the monitoring of causes of demobilization from the military service for health reasons has been implemented..

2010. With the support of OCF international organization the brochure "Kind service!" for recruits has been reprinted.

2010. With Counterpart International organization’s support the monitoring of soldiers’ and their families social defense has been implemented. Monitoring held in Yerevan, Lori and Gegharkouniq regions. As a result the brochure "Soldiers families’ social defense" has been printed.

2009-2010. With the support of OSCE Yerevan office the monitoring on violations in recruiting process is realized. The results of the monitoring were discussed in the Parliament of RA. The report is presented to the Parliament's Commissions and to the Ministry of Defense.

With the support of "Eurasia" Foundation the program "Migration and civil society" has been implemented. The aim of the project is to provide legal and informational support to migrants who had problems with military legislation of RA

2006. With the support of the OSCE Yerevan office as a member of anticorruption coalition "Anticorr" the organization realized the program "Creating a public reception in marzes". Public receptions were created in 5 regions of Armenia and in Arabkir district of Yerevan. The analytical brochure has been printed.

2000 - 2005

2004. With the support of "Eurasia" Foundation the program "Public awareness with new technologies' using". In the program frame "Our son and the National Army" book became available to Internet users.

2004-2005. The organization together with Azerbaijanian Center of Humanitarian Researches realized the regional program "Mail "Hope". The project’s purpose is to restore former friendly relations between former friends, neighbors, classmates. A brochure based on programs’ materials has been printed.

2003-2004. With the support of Netherland Embassy in Georgia the program "On the way of healthy army" has been implemented. Within the program’s framework mechanisms of diagnostic of unhealthy recruits were researched. A brochure "On the way of healthy army" based on program’s materials has been printed.

2003. Together with Georgian and Azerbaijanian NGOs the regional program "Peace-building lessons: leaders school" for refugee communities' leaders of three South Caucasus countries has been implemented.

2002-2003. With the support of Great Britain Embassy the program "The consequences of non-authorized relations in army" where murders and suicides in army researched has been realized. The results are presented in the brochure.

2000-2003. Long-term research on alternative service is carried out. An international conference on the problems of alternative service held in 2003, it followed by permanent monitoring in that sphere.

2000. With the support of IOM the book "Our son and the national army" in Russian has been printed for Russian-speaking population and mainly for refugees.

1995 - 1999

1999-2000. By means of "Eurasia" foundation with the financial support of USAID the program "Learning of the law on a way to establishing a legal society" has been implemented. In the program’s framework according to beneficiaries’ requirements the book "Our son and the national army" twice reprinted.

1999. The computer class is open for children of killed and wounded volunteer-fighters, refugees.

1999-2002. With the support of Great Britain Embassy in Armenia together with "Avangard" NGO and Democracy National Center the program "Democracy in action" has been implemented. Within the framework of the program the brochure for officers "Know wisdom…" is printed in Armenian and Russian.

1998. With the support of UNHCR and with assistance of NGO Center the program "NGO straightening" has been realized.

1998. With the support of IOM together with Young Lawyers Union the organization carried out the program "Migration prevention for the Defense of Motherland". Within the framework of the program the book “Our son and the national army” has been printed.

1996. The organization opened the psychological rehabilitation center for mothers of killed soldiers. As a result many mothers who lost their interest to life returned to normal activity.

1995. The organization opened the medical pre-diagnostic and consultation center for serving soldiers’ parents where they could have free consultations.

1990 - 1994

1994. At the organization is open and functioning free preparatory faculty for children of dead and wounded soldiers, orphans, refugees' children.


1993. In October the organization held an International conference "Nobody is forgotten". As a result the problems of killed soldiers’ mothers and widows were presented to the Government.

1992. In September the organization held an international conference "Mothers against violence" in Yerevan, where there was accepted a resolution which appealed mothers to keep peace.

1992-1993. By the special invitation of Iranian government and by the organization’s means 209 orphans spent winter months in Armenian families in Iran. These children were presented in a list of Countrymen Assembly "Artsakh".

1992. To the call of the organization responded 300 women-volunteers, who for two years in 16 hospitals took care of 2500 wounded soldiers.

1990. The organization with the documents exposing disastrous policy of "Ring" operation took part in All-Union Congress of soldiers’ mothers in Moscow.


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